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An AI employeeecological and versatile

Universal AI Agent

An assistant, a receptionist, a secretary — the "all-in-one" solution, always available 24/7.

Tech Superiority

Beyond LLM models, MoniA contextualizes its answers using your company's specific documents and information.

Native Multilingual

MoniA isn't limited by your documents' or website's language. It understands and responds in all languages.

Diversified Communication

Offering a range of communication channels, enhancing the interaction with your clients and partners.

Universal Plug-in

Integrate MoniA with just one click, anywhere on the web.

Broad Compatibility

Flawless understanding of various documents (docx, pdf, txt, csv, json...).

Enhanced Confidentiality

Tailored security, delivering only authorized information.

Smart Assistant

Real-time guidance for employees, clients, and leads.

Install MoniA

easily on your site.

MoniA Plug-in
A must-have for developers

Easy integration on your current sites
Easy integration on your current sites

Opt for quick and hassle-free integration. Offer your clients cutting-edge tech in a snap with our plugin.

Competitive advantage for your clients
Competitive advantage for your clients

Stand out from the competition by providing an intelligent tool that responds, guides, and assists visitors 24/7.

Attractive compensation for business introducers
Attractive compensation for business introducers

Benefit from a 20% commission on your clients' subscriptions. Let's value this collaboration together.

optimisation et efficacité avec MoniA

@Why MoniA is the Future of Every Business

"Imagine an ever-awake assistant, multilingual, able to handle a myriad of simultaneous requests, and constantly updated with your company's freshest data."

maximisez votre impact avec monia

+Maximize your impact with MoniA

  • Cost Optimization: Cut your expenses with Cercle Business.
  • Proactive Assistance: Focus your teams on what truly matters.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Lightning-fast relevant responses.
  • Sales Support: Instant access to key information.
  • Project Management: A continuously updated overview.
puissance du dark social avec MoniA

&The Power of Dark Social with MoniA

Discover an innovative strategy to boost your sales.

  • Registration: MoniA identifies and trains your activators.
  • Training: Efficient learning to recommend your products.
  • Recommendation: Targeted recommendations thanks to MoniA.
  • Compensation: Tailored incentives for your activators.
Augmentez vos revenus

Join the Cercle Business with MoniA - For Individuals

  • Local impact : Strengthen your local economy.
  • Additional Income: Uncover new revenue opportunities.
  • Anticipate the Future: Get ahead with AI.
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